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A selection of links that are all related to jousting.

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1   Link   ESPN's 2/27/2011 profile of "The Original Extreme Sport" featuring Shane Adams
2   Link   Go (AirTran) Magazine's January, 2011 article "Weekend Warriors" featuring Shane Adams & the Knights of Valour
"Through a veil of dirt and heat, the knights collide. Adams’ lance slams squarely into Moore’s breastplate — a shuddering blow that sounds like a hammer smashing into an aluminum sheet. As shards of broken wood spiral above his head, Moore pitches wildly in his saddle, then goes airborne, stunned, scared and semi-conscious in the blink of an eye."
3   Link   The Columbus Dispatch (10/17/2010) - "Woman of steel: Female knight making her mark in competitive jousting" featuring Jessica Post & the Knights of Valour
"Jessica Post, 24, of Radnor in Delaware County, is one of the newest and youngest competitors in the field of full-contact, competitive jousting, which is gaining new popularity in America as an extreme sport. The riders collide at almost 25mph atop highly trained horses, each knight seeking to score a solid strike against their opponent, or better yet to throw them from their steed."
4   Link   New York Times Magazine's 7/8/2010 article "Is Jousting the Next Extreme Sport?" featuring Shane Adams & the Knights of Valour
"If you add the weight of horse, rider, saddle and armor, you end up with something like 2,500 pounds at either end of the list moving toward each other at about 25 miles per hour."
5   Link   History of Jousting
6   Link   Medieval Jousting Tournaments
7   Link   The Historical Sport of Jousting
8   Link   The Sport of Jousting and Medieval Tournaments
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