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Knights of Valour Steeds

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DragonDragon was a Percheron Stallion. If ever there was a match made in heaven, Shane and this magnificent horse were that match. After coming to Shane at the age of seven, Dragon began his training. With much patience and perseverance this horse became the partner that Shane had dreamed of, and the ultimate jousting team was born. Dragon holds more championship titles than any other jousting horse and gained a love of the sport all his own. This awe-inspiring, spirited stallion was the heart of the Knights of Valour and captivated all who saw him. Dragon passed away on November 11th, 2013.

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AthosAthos is a Percheron/Friesian cross gelding. Born into the Knights of Valour family, Athos has been given extensive training and at age six made his debut joust in the fall of 2006. This feisty, young charger has become a great showman.

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Crispin Crispin was an American Cream draft. Along with his buddy Paladin, he was also spared from slaughter. This sweet natured horse has the patience of a Saint. Whether ridden by a Knight in training or a World Champion, Crispin was always a true companion and crowd favorite. He had lived a good and happy life, loved by all. Crispin Passed away March of 2012. He is dearly missed and shall never be forgotten

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17.1 Hand

12 year old


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17.2 Hand

12 year old


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PaladinPaladin is a Percheron gelding whose life was dramatically changed when he was rescued from a slaughter house. Given a new life full of challenge and excitement, this determined yet playful horse was trained by Shane to become one of the most dependable and admired horses in the joust list.

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PhantomPhantom is a Percheron gelding who came to the Knights of Valour in the fall of 2006. After a short career as a downtown Memphis carriage horse, Phantom has found a life with grass under his hooves and lots of new horsy friends. This frisky, lighthearted addition made his debut in the summer of 2007.

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17 hand

8 Year old


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18 hand

9 Year old



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