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The Knights of Valour

Shane Adams - Captain/Owner PDF Print E-mail


shaneShane Adams, team captain, raised in Acton, Ontario was introduced to horses as a young boy when he started riding and showing Arabians with his family all the while dreaming of being a Knight fighting along side such legends as Ivanhoe and Sir Lancelot. He's held onto these dreams and after working with various jousting and medieval shows, Shane created his own in the Knights of Valour. This CanAm team now boasts some of the top competitors in the current sport of Full Contact Jousting.  View Shane's Photo Gallery

Tim Tobey - Senior Knight PDF Print E-mail


timTim Tobey has been with the Knights of Valour for the past 11 years. He has been interested in the medieval era since he was a boy. He began making his own swords, helms, and chain maile even before he started jousting. During the past 11 years he has won an impressive array of medals, ribbons, and titles and travelled to many different towns and competed in various states.  View Tim's Photo Gallery


Rob Combe - Senior Knight PDF Print E-mail


robRob Combe is a two time Canadian Light Armour Champion and is currently ranked third in the world in Heavy Armour.

Rob began jousting in the fall of 2000. After watching a tournament in Guelph, Ontario, he knew right away that this was the sport for him and began taking lessons from Shane Adams.  View Rob's Photo Gallery

TJ Duquette "The Mountain" - Senior Knight PDF Print E-mail


bio pic courtesy of Jennifer Figueiredo

Personal Moto: “dolor est temporalis est et aeterna gloria”

(pain is temporary and glory eternal).

TJ was born in London, Ontario, Canada and grew up in the northern city of Sudbury. From a young age he has always been interested in the medieval era. Throughout his life he has done some study on the era and has been a member of some re-enactment groups. Along with being one of the prominent members of the Knights of Valour, TJ is also an accomplished Leather crafter. He plies his trade as a means to improve his own attire and armor, as well as taking on custom orders. Modest in his work, he considers himself an adequate craftsman, but believing there is always room for improvement, a trait which has served him well as a Knight. View TJ's Photo Gallery

Aaron Tobey PDF Print E-mail


Aaron TobeySir Lawrence of Essex
Aaron Tobey started squiring in 2002, caring for the horses and knights and providing the much needed ground crew to make the knights look good. In his spare time he learned to ride and competed in games against his brothers as well as sword fighting with them. In 2005 Aaron placed 1st in the games at the Dragon’s Lair Tournament. In 2009 Aaron got his first chance to joust at a tournament in California where he was unhorsed by his father Sir Timothy. Undeterred, Aaron continued training and was knighted as one of the Knights of Valour in 2010. In the start of the 2011 season Aaron had his first unhorsing. He continues to hone his skills in efforts to obtain the ultimate unhorsing’s, his father Sir Timothy and Sir Shanton. View Aaron's Photo Gallery

Ken Barton PDF Print E-mail


Ken BartonA veteran of the sword and all things medieval, Ken Barton has been in film and television for over 20 years. He was a Member of the Toronto Castle Medieval Times from 1994 to 2004. He has been with the Knights of Valour since 2005 and has been a full contact jouster with the team since 2011.

View Ken's Photo Gallery

Zach Lovering PDF Print E-mail


zachZach Lovering was born in Toronto -- not by choice. Preferring the great outdoors, he focused on adventure and the animals in his life. He spent as much time as possible in northern Ontario where he found a passion for danger by jumping off cliffs and going on white water canoe trips. As a teenager Zach preformed on horseback in dinner theatre shows. Once again looking for a bigger thrill and a way out of the city, he joined Knights of Valour in 2012. Zach is a devout vegetarian and when he is not on the road with the troupe he is at home with his 11 cats.

Bob Noponen PDF Print E-mail


Bob NoponenI started my training as a martial artist at Koroshi School of Defense in Painesville in 1984 and attained my 3rd degree Black belt in 2001. I worked out until 2008 When Jousting became my next warrior adventure. I gained a passion for jousting after witnessing a heavy joust at a local medieval fair. A layoff from welding and fab in 2008 allowed me to pursue the dream as I searched for work. When I met Shane Adams I had NO riding experience what so ever. I started as a Squire in late 2008 and worked on riding and jousting. In April of 2011 I was officially Knighted by Shane Adams in Clinton, Ontario. Jousting is the toughest sport I have ever participated in, and I really enjoy the crowd reaction to our shows. It is a great honor to be a part of this troupe.

Josh Tobey PDF Print E-mail



The fourth eldest son of Tim Tobey, Josh currently holds the place of the youngest knight in the Knights of Valour. Turning 19 this year, he has been competing for just over a year and has proven to be a force to be reckoned with. Even at his young age he has learned the skill of armour making and under the tutelage of his father has even crafted his own personal suit for competition. A quick wit and a sharp tongue are easily a part of this young man’s arsenal on the field. Keep your eyes on this rising star as he charges down the list against veterans and new comers alike. View Josh's Photo Gallery

Jaclyn Ziemniak PDF Print E-mail


jacWhether riding a dressage test, jumping a course or jousting with the boys, Dame Jaclyn lives for her horses. Born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario Jaclyn is always up for a challenge, pushing herself to her limits. So when the opportunity to train with Shane came up, she jumped at the chance. As the Knights of Valour’s only female knight, and one of very few women in North America who joust, she strives to be a role model for young women everywhere. The road to knighthood has been a difficult one, laced with unique obstacles for this petite little rider, but she has never given up. Bruised and battered but never defeated, always ready for the next challenge.

View Jaclyn's Photo Gallery

Tyler Bekolay PDF Print E-mail


tyOriginally from Ottawa, Canada, Tyler is a modern day renaissance man. Having a wide variety of talents, from drumming, to dancing, to construction, and cooking, not to mention a university degree in physics, he is adaptable to almost any situation. As such, he was naturally interested the medieval era and got involved in a local renaissance fair where he encountered the Knights of Valour. Marveling at their bravery and horsemanship, he joined the troupe in 2012 as a Squire. Under the tutelage of Shane Adams, he earned his Knighthood later that year and since then has been dubbed a "Stick of Dynamite" in the list. Making his jousting debut at the World Championship against some of the best in the sport, he finished 5th in heavy armour, and 7th in light; Not too bad for a rookie!

Matt Hiltman PDF Print E-mail


Matt HiltmanLong enamored with all forms of medieval combat, Matt Hiltman began his jousting career at a dinner show where he worked for five years. After deciding that he wanted to try "real" jousting, Matt starred in History's Full Metal Jousting, where he was a finalist. As a full-contact jouster, he now spends many months each year traveling with the Knights of Valor trading big hits with his companions.

Josh Avery PDF Print E-mail



The "Wolfman"

Josh grew up in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Searching for thrills and challenges he ended up working for that popular medieval dinner show in his area. After a little while doing theatrical jousting the opportunity arouse to do it for real. He applied and won himself a spot of History Channel's "Full Metal Jousting." Though he was the youngest competitor on the show, he proved his worth by making it all the way to the semi-finals, being beat out by the eventual winner and his good friend Josh Knowles, During the show he caught the attention of Shane Adams and was offered a spot in the Knights of Valour, he accepted and has competed with us from Florida to Alaska and many points in between.

Ripper Moore PDF Print E-mail


ripperBio to come soon!!

Joe Miller PDF Print E-mail



Bio to come soon.

Eddie "the Hit Man" Rigney PDF Print E-mail



As a professional Bull Rider and Bullfighter, Eddie has the certain grit needed to compete in this dangerous sport. His compassion however is also evident as he wears pink and rides under the pink ribbon in honor of all effected by breast cancer. Recently (2015) he claimed a victory for the Knights of Valour at the first national Full Contact tournament in Texas, at the Sherwood Forest Fair.


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