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Monday, 02 May 2016 13:51




Educational Tour

Past experience has shown  how extremely busy you, our educators are, so we are providing all the information you have requested previously in a format that will have all you need in one place & reduce time spent trying to find it. This may be printed out so you can share with other contacts and use as a reference when needed.

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FAQ; What is the show?

- The ‘Warriors Through Ancient Civilizations” tour reflects changes made to the Grade 4 curriculum and has been proven to be of value also to grades and courses up to and including grade 12.

Educational Event Outline:

Morning Arena Performance Portion of the Day:

- Beginning with Alexander the Great, we travel through the Greek, Roman eras & end with the Medieval Age.

-Era-appropriate armour, weaponry plus the excitement of gladiator games, a chariot run, sword fights,  and Medieval tournament-style mounted games, with light & heavy armour jousting will be experienced.

- Please note we are a full-contact troupe, not a dinner theater show. This is the “Real” thing!

- Our Birds of Prey portion includes falconry from the days of Genghis Khan traveling through to the Middle Ages showing various raptors in flight where the venue is suitable for safety standards.

Afternoon Portion of the Day:

- KOV will have pre-divide the audience (keeping schools together, please check the schedule received upon arrival) into smaller groups to attend our “Educational Pods” which are designed for more depth of knowledge in specific areas & a closer look at the various characters & equipment used throughout the show. Kids can touch (with supervision) & ask questions during the pods as time permits.

The Educational Pods-

1Siege Weapons: Our very own Trebuchet which will be discussed & demonstrated weather permitting as this is a normally outdoors event, however indoor accommodation will be offered in bad weather.

2Arms & Armour: In addition to our medieval arsenal of weaponry & armour, we will add aspects of Egyptian, Macedonian & Roman styles – from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age.

3. Evolution of the War Horse: Horses will be on display & the progression of use of war horses will be discussed from Ancient Greece, through the Romans to the Medieval Age of the mounted Knight. The most important bond between warriors & their trusted steeds will be expanded upon.

4Birds of Prey: A closer look & deeper history / demonstration of how important these raptors were both in sport & war throughout more ancient times up to the Medieval Era.

5. Warriors of the Past: Discussion of the ancient civilization warriors – their status society – their training – their day-to-day lives & other relevant information giving students an idea of the hardships and honours for these real-life men & women who were not video characters.

FAQ: Do you make visits to individual schools or classrooms?

- We can visit schools and classrooms. Contact us via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you are interested in this option to discuss pricing to fit your needs and budget.

FAQHow do the schools register to attend our events?

Registration Protocol:

- Please refer to our Registration Form online at www.knightsofvalour.ca for detailed information.

- Only Online registration is accepted & the newly designed forms make it easy & fast. Your school will

only be confirmed upon receipt of a completed online registration form.

- Responding to educator’s requests, we have lowered the maximum # of attendees to avoid crowding, while also making the Pod groups smaller. Thus it is important to book as quickly in advance in case the

dates become Sold-out.

FAQ: How much does it cost to attend a KOV educational event?

Fees: The cost for 2015 is ($16.81 + 2.19HST) = $19.00 per person.

- This fee applies to ALL attendees except those 2 yrs. and under from homeschooling groups.

- All schools are allowed 1 teacher/chaperone free per each 10 attendees.

FAQ: How and when is payment made?

Payment Protocol:

- Upon e-mail confirmation of your booking, you will be given a specific time & date by which we must receive your final total # of attendees broken down in # of teachers/chaperons & students(+additional paying chaperons).

- An invoice will be attached to your confirmation, showing the amount of the cheque/money order to be processed.

- All cheques are to be made out to “The Knights of Valour” & are due on the day of the event. It may be a good idea to have a couple of people on stand-by just in case there might be no-shows. We will allow additional attendees only if there is still room available.

- Your receipt will be Handed to the Teacher in charge at the event, alternately it can be email upon request after payment has been processed.

FAQ: What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation Policy:

- Once registration is confirmed, your group is booked for the event.

- If you cancel the entire group prior to the event, there is no charge. Please give as much notice as possible.

-We try to the best of our ability to perform each event we have booked. However, there may be contractual problems with a venue, or transport crises where we cannot arrive at our destination on time, or the booking is so poor that it is financially impossible for us to perform. Teachers will be contacted as soon as we learn of such an incident, but if the situation is beyond our control, we are not to be held responsible.

FAQ: What happens during inclement weather conditions at outdoor event locations?

Weather Conditions:

- Our shows are “rain or shine” as long as it is safe for all (i.e. Thunder &Lightning)

- As each venue is different, we cannot guarantee full coverage but during bad weather we will try to make sure students & teachers are protected as best we can.

- For outdoor venues, please have everyone bring garbage bags or thin outdoor cushions to sit on the ground. Not all these facilities have bleachers/seating or will allow them to be brought in.

FAQ: How many & who should be in charge of communication with the KOV?

Teacher Contacts:

- Please use at least 2 teacher/principal/secretary contacts in case of emergencies, illness or absenteeism close to the event date to make sure all deadline requirements are fulfilled & possible communication misunderstandings are avoided.

FAQ: What happens when we arrive? What do we do? Where do we go?

Arrival Protocol:

- Shows are scheduled to begin at 10:00a.m. & end at 2:00p.m., which allows the use of regular school buses for many schools.

- Upon arrival, remain on your bus as a Squire or Knight will come aboard and ‘kidnap’ the main contact teacher who will be escorted to our registry podium. She/he will then pay the ‘ransom’, paperwork will be checked. The Educational Pod Schedule for your group will be provided at that time.

-Your group will be escorted to an area where basic ground rules for that particular venue will be given after which you will be escorted to the main arena area & seated. Costumed characters may interact with you while seated before the show.

FAQHow is seating arranged? Are seats reserved? Can we choose where we want to sit?

Seating Arrangements:

- With rented facilities, each has different seating options available. Most are bleachers, so reservations are not possible.

- We seat the first arrivals in the middle of the arena working our way outward toward the ends keeping each class/group together. As our show uses the entire arena, everyone gets a good view. We ask for your patience as these are not our facilities so we do the best with what is available.

-Special consideration will be facilitated for students in need of assistance and care.

FAQ: Do you have souvenirs for sale & what is the price range?


- We will have assorted event-appropriate items for sale in all price ranges up to $50.00.

- Note we accept cash only, so please come prepared.

- Because we are on tour, we never know what will be available as we may sell-out of some items & not be able to have them replaced in time for the next show or at all.

FAQ: How should students dress for the educational events?


-We encourage attendees to dress in period or fantasy costume to enhance the immersion experience & so they will qualify to be chosen as a representative of the “King’s Court”…..also, because it is just plain fun to be able to dress up!

-Be sure to dress appropriately for the outdoor events in case of undecided weather conditions.

FAQ: What is the King’s Court?

The King’s Court:

- Our Lord Marshal will choose & discuss the importance/status of each of the following:

1- King: 1 – Queen: 1 - First Knight: 2 – Ladies –in-Waiting: 1 – Jester: 1- Male Peasant: 1 – Female Peasant

- They will be seated in a special area to oversee the morning show & preside over the various contests, games and joust tournaments.

- Each may be given a special prop to wear/ hold during their court-time. (These must be returned to us at the end of the morning show & are the property of the KOV).

FAQ: What do we do for lunch? Is food available at the event? What can we bring?

- Please bring your own lunches as no food is provided at our educational events. Food should be hand-held & able to be eaten quickly as time between the morning & afternoon shows is short.

- You may need to eat on the bleachers or on the ground as not all venues have lunchrooms available.

-Please be considerate of these venues in regards to garbage & take your refuse home or use the provided bins. We do not wish to be refused the use of these venues for future events due to messes. We thank you for your cooperation.

FAQ: What is a KOV Educational School Tour Event?

- This refers to our educational shows which are open to schools, home-schooling groups and those relatives (parents, grandparents etc.) who wish to take their students out of school for the day to attend our school show. All must still use the same registration process as we need to track #’s keeping below the maximum.

FAQ: What is a”public event” which is displayed on a different Events Calendar?

- This refers to Renaissance/Medieval Fairs, Festivals or our Evening Tournaments & is open to the general public.

- These shows are for entertainment value & do not guarantee inclusion of our educational content.

FAQ: What happens to items that are left behind following an educational event?

- All found items will be left with the venue officials….please contact the venue for info’.

- Tell your students to keep close track of all cameras, lunch bags, back packs & clothing items. You’d be amazed at what gets left behind!


We hope this has given you, our educators, the information required, so you can easily plan your Educational Field Trip with the Knights of Valour. Should there be anything that we have missed, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or: (519) 428-2498

The entire Knights of Valour Troupe look forward to meeting your classes and amazing all with our “Warriors Through Ancient Civilizations” Tour. See you at one of the venues listed!

Education through exciting experience and entertainment.

Knights of Valour

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