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Full Contact Jousting:

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Shane Adams and Valour on the set of "Prince Charming"

On the set of "Prince Charming" - Cassandra Adams, Hercules, and Christina Applegate.

On the set of "Prince Charming" - Martin Short riding Dakota with Cassandra Adams on Navarro.

On the set of "Prince Charming" - Cassandra Adams, Hercules, Barb Leeson, and Christina Applegate.

With talent, horses and costuming, we provide exciting film moments and unforgettable images. With a large troupe to draw from, we can provide Knights and horses trained in stunt-riding and ground combat.

Although our main focus is the Middle Ages, we are also comfortable portraying cowboys and modern day equestrians of all disciplines.


Also seen on:

  • "Prince Charming" starring Martin Short & Christina Applegate
  • Canadian Living TV
  • Breakfast Television
  • Global News, CH News, CBS
  • Fox's "You've Got To See This"
  • Maximum Exposure
  • The History Channel
  • Diet Dr. Pepper Medieval Knievel TV Commercial
  • The Weather Channel
  • Any many, many more throughout Canada and the United States


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