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Full Contact Jousting:

  • No Scripts
  • No Choreography
  • No Air Bags
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Whether you're an agricultural fair board, a community festival, a charitable foundation, or a bride and groom looking for a truly memorable wedding experience, the Knights of Valour will create a unique spectacle for you and your guests. For more special event information, and how the Knights of Valour can bring you a top quality show, please see below:

Small event or large, the Knights of Valour can arrange a full-scale competitive jousting tournament or show complete with Knights, steeds, and maidens faire. Our troupe encompasses a large variety of performers including:

  • Court Jesters

  • Jugglers

  • Fire-eaters

  • Magicians

  • Royalty and Court Retinue

  • Rabble-rousers

  • Falconers

  • Mounted Knights

  • Squires

  • Pages

Contact Knights of Valour to discuss the various possibilities available.

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